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Lisa Turney

Producer of Four Pillars Productions events, Lisa Turney currently holds a position of National Account Director at ZoomerMedia Limited and promotes their digital and ZoomerShow divisions (2005 to present).

Lisa has an extensive 25 year background in promotions, publishing, marketing/advertising and event coordinating.  She has worked for numerous ad agencies on the account and production side and published Eye for The Future Magazine (Holistic and Self Development focus) for six years.

She is passionate about animals and her second act in life is dedicated to creating awareness through educational events and fundraising through Four Pillars Productions.



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Christopher Randall

Playing the role of Public Relations Advisor for Four Pillars, Christopher currently is the Vice President of Marketing & Promotion for 4 Radio Stations in Southern Ontario including two top-rated Toronto stations "Zoomer Radio" and "The New Classical FM" and his 30-plus years in Radio Broadcasting have included management positions at CKOC, K-Lite FM, Jack FM and Z103. 

He has volunteered for many charitable organizations and committed himself to a number of causes including being Founder and President of "Helping Others Inc." a one-man charity that brought in over $10 million in donations for disadvantaged children at Christmas as well as establishing fundraising programs for The CNIB, The Scott Mission, Good Shepherd Centres, The Yonge Street Mission, Casey House AIDS Hospice and many other worthwhile causes.  He has been received honors including the "Centennial Volunteer of the Year" from the Children's Aid Society of Toronto, the "Communication & Leadership Award" from Toastmasters International and a "Public Service Award" from the Salvation Army.

His love for animals led him to create the "Pet of The Week" feature that airs on 4 Radio Stations, the "We Love Animals Movie Series" as well as a commitment to PETA and The Save Movement in Toronto. 


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Instagram @prabhuandpine

Kerry Ford, R.H.N., B.P. , R.N.C.P. K.Yt

Kerry is a 13 year veteran in the fields of Holistic, energetic and consciousness based (neuroplastic and epigenetic) medicine and Founder of PRABHU + PINE, a Neuro Conscious wellness hub for creatives and Leaders.


She has been consulting in private practice and educational settings since graduating in 2009 and has developed a repertoire of truly innovative, ancient and modern proven holistic sciences that are proving in modern scientific studies to be the future of medicine AND the Business markets. From Medical meditation, Kundalini yoga, Bodytalk (quantum medicine), MBit Neuroscience methodologies for leadership and beyond, Kerry has built an unusual and unusually effective program for creating true shifts in leaders and organizations alike who are seeking to truly lead from the heart, and with deep impact and longevity.


Through her own brand of leadership consulting, Kerry blends compassion with courageous truth, unleashing the genius in the genetics of her clients so they can move forward in life and work leading from places that eternally keep them on the right paths. Kerry has worked with clients across the globe, from LA to Toronto and beyond, on finding the core purpose in the lives and work of the leaders in us all. At the core of her work is a deep desire to reconnect the leader within to the innate abilities we hold to intuit, align and excel beyond limiting beliefs and outdated corporate and relational structures that impede us from breaking through glass ceilings toward infinite possibilities that await in reality.


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Sheila Stephen

VP of Event Resources, Sheila Stephen has spent the past 30 years in the mental health and behavioural services sector.  She iis an avid animal advocate and has travelled the Caribbean, Egypt and Thailand volunteering her time at shelters performing Reiki, and cranial sacral therapy on traumatized dogs.  Sheila has also taught shelter workers various techniques for energy healing to help heal these animals.  Recently, she began incorporating Essential oils into her practice, and continues to learn and grow with her passion in this field.



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Laura Bonnici

Silent Auction Coordinator, Laura Bonnici, is a devote animal lover who has always felt a strong connection to nature and the environment around her. She has always been a compassionate and empathetic human being who likes to help others. She has always aligned her passion with her professional life; her first career involved her aiding people with their rehabilitation, and she is now working in the environmental field. Laura also previously volunteered with an animal sanctuary where she cared for and got to know the personalities of the animals on this sanctuary. When she discovered Four Pillars and saw that it incorporated all animals into their vision and goals, she immediately knew that this would be her next endeavour.



Contact Information:

Instagram @hafeez_alchemist

Hafeez Sumani

Social Media and Content Manager, Hafeez Sumani currently specializes in Digital Marketing and has a passion with personal development including mindfulness, wellness and environmental issues.  His life path is to be of service to others and help build the bridge that connects people together for collaboration and spreading powerful messages across the globe.  Hafeez is an advocate that we are all connected in this vast world and that we need to treat all animals with great respect and compassion.  


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