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Shelley Craig grew up in Montreal, Canada and was raised in the foster care system. She knows what it’s like to be abused, abandoned, neglected, and longing for a forever home which never comes. It is not surprising that her inspiration comes from the animals that loved her during the hardest times. Her mission now is to raise awareness and facilitate change for animals and she has dedicated herself to abolishing existing, outdated, animal cruelty laws.  


She is the founder of Victory For Animals Society, a registered charity in Brighton, Ontario. A compassionate animal activist, she sets up and participates in rallies, marches and protests in an effort to help end the suffering of animals in Canada and globally. Shelley has rescued hundreds of dogs, cats and wildlife and has been asked to be a Canadian partner adopter by Soi Dogs in Thailand. She has travelled to Thailand and brought home dogs saved from the barbaric meat trade. She also works closely with rescue groups in South Korea, where she has rescued more than 30 dogs. Shelley has been invited by the president of the Malaysian SPCA to join him as his guest and speak about her shelter, Victory For Animals Society.


She was asked by Dr. Jane Goodall and Dr. William Fowlds of South Africa to sign the “Say No” campaign against poaching of Rhino’s and was thanked for her efforts in Canada. Tim Harrison of Outreach for Animals, who wrote the documentary, “An Elephant in your Livingroom”, also sent her a thank-you and an endorsement. But Shelley’s global efforts don’t stop there. She has participated in marches to end lion hunting and to save the Asian elephants and has even written and recorded a song for the Taiji Cove dolphins which may be played in an upcoming documentary.   


Locally, Shelley has been working with Canadians who are also trying to make a difference.  She does this by protesting, petitioning and speaking on radio with politicians including MP’s Nathanial Erskine-Smith, Don Davies and MPP Cheri DiNovo. She has rallied for the cause of Paws to Parliament, where last fall the group’s members stood on Parliament Hill trying to help pass Erskine-Smith’s private member’s Bill C 246. Known as the Modernizing Animal Protections Act, the bill would have struck a major blow to Canada’s antiquated Animal Welfare laws. It would have ended, among other actions, the importation of dog and cat fur from China into Canada, but was voted down in second reading. Shelley continues working towards change in existing Canadian laws that permit the consumption of dog and cat meat and hopes to join forces with other activists such as Marc Ching, working toward the same goal in other countries. She also started a S.H.A.M.E CAMPAIGN to shame the MP’s that voted against Bill C 246 which allows you to send direct comments to


Her long term goal is to open a compassion center called C.A.P.E. (Compassion for Animals, People, and the Earth) which will benefit not only animals but humans as well.

Please check out her charities website:

Shelley Craig

Victory For Animals Society

Victory For Animals – Partners with LUSH


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Support Bill C246

Shelley has rallied for the cause of Paws to Parliament to help pass Erskine-Smith’s private member’s Bill C 246

Victory for Animals Opening Ceremony

Shelley Craig is surrounded by Mayor Jim Harrison,volunteers and members of the community at the ribbon cutting ceremony for Victory For Animals

Bill C246 - March on Parliament Hill
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