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Dr. Dennis Carrington’s goal as a dentist in Stonewall, Manitoba is to address dental issues and give the tools and knowledge to individuals which they can pass on to their children and family members in the future.  Intercepting and prevention is key. In fixing dental problems we use the most up to date concepts and material in a pain free manner. Encouragement, not guilt is the order of the day.  They treat and work with people first, not just their teeth.

High resolution cameras and lasers can find early decay and either we can now reverse the weakening enamel before it breaks into a cavity or use microscopic technology to repair the weak points in teeth beautifully and invisibly, with extremely strong tooth coloured, ceramic coverings.

Fearfulness can be replaced with genuine connections which can remove the old tensions when one used to go the “dentist”.  If anxiety is already established and older large fillings are in need of replacement, then we have painless numbing techniques and a state of the art materials which can replace a dark old silver filling with a replacement on the same visit so that one can face the future balance of one’s life with the confidence of maintaining good dental health.

If teeth or fillings have been cracking, we look for the causes such as tooth grinding so that the remaining teeth can be protected.

If dentures have been a problem, then a person is perpetually looking for ways to restore comfort and confidence in ways not dreamed of in the past.

As health concerns develop it is essential to have dental care which can, with new insights, be modified to maintain a healthy oral environment.

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The Toronto Clinic is the only clinic™ of its kind in Canada to provide physician managed integrative medical services; our physicians support the appropriate use of both conventional and alternative medicine and work with a team of experts to ensure that all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease are taken into consideration.

The Toronto Clinic is pleased to offer members the best in ongoing care and support for any and all health issues identified during their comprehensive medical assessment.

Our vision is for patient and practitioner to be partners in the healing process.


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Hamptonstone is a unique manufacturer of architectural precast concrete products with an appearance and surface texture similar to that of Limestone.  Hamptonstone's ability to cast almost any shape ensures that the only limitations in creating your custom built home is your imagination. Every precast piece is made individually based on the specific requirements of the builder and the vision of the architect.  Our precast products can be found on homes in exclusive neighbourhoods - such as Hogs Hollow, Bridle Path and Forest Hill to name a few in the greater Toronto area.


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Green Shift ™ is a devout supporter of animal rights who source and distribute a wide variety of products that are 100% biodegradable and compostable, made using the highest post-consumer recycled content possible and/or renewable resources, with a particular passion for helping animals by reducing pollution, preserving their habitat and more.  


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