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Lucia Jackson

Lucia is a full-time teacher, a certified member with Ontario College of Teachers.  She spent more than ten years working with Deaf and hard of hearing students in a provincial school in Milton. Now, she specialises in providing home visiting services for Deaf and hard of hearing children (0-4 years) through Resource Services within Provincial Schools Branch.


Her long time passion is working with animals. She worked at several veterinary clinics during her high school and university years.


She served as Executive Secretary to Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf for eight years, and was one of the active sponsors for the establishment of Deaf Culture Centre in the Distillery District in downtown Toronto. A native user of American Sign Language, Lucia works in different professions within the ASL community, building bridges as an ASL host/ASL consultant/ASL professional tutor, ASL master and many more.  


When she is not working, she spends time with her precious daughter, Abbey who's also Deaf.   They are also proud of their new family member, a  sweet white French bulldog, Chanel. They all enjoy being outdoors and going to places in support of causes close to their hearts, among them animal rescue groups. 

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