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Sponsor a Dog

Will you do something special to help dogs in need?

Found alone on the streets, with seriously infected wounds on his legs, Dayaram appeared to have lost all hope.

He had no shelter, no food and no one to care for him. He needed help and fast. He got it because of caring people like you.

On arrival at Soi Dog’s shelter, vets discovered he was suffering from life-threatening illnesses. The situation was touch and go as the vets struggled to save him.

Click here to find out how to help dogs like Dayaram:

Dayaram is now living permanently at the Soi Dog shelter, and to help with his costly care, you can sponsor him or one of the many dogs like him, ensuring they receive the treatment and love they deserve.

As the number of animals Soi Dog cares for increases, we are designating the month of October as Sponsorship Month. I’m writing to you hoping that you will do something very special and become a member of Soi Dog’s Sponsor Club.

Dayaram at home at the Soi Dog shelter seriously ill and with no one to care for him, Dayaram had all but lost hope. He has now received the treatment he needed, but will you do something special and sponsor his ongoing care?

Jamie is another dog needing sponsorship, who never asked for the pain she suffered. She is blind and had barely survived on the street for years, fending for herself, and never knowing where her next meal would come from.

Jamie’s luck turned for the worse one day when she was struck down by a passing car.

Luckily the car accident left Jamie with no long lasting injuries but a life of solitude and neglect t has left her terrified of people.

Volunteers continue to work with Jamie every day to gain her trust. It will take some time for her to be ready for a home of her own.

Jamie settling into her new home at the Soi Dog shelter

Blind and struggling to survive alone on the streets, Jamie was tragically hit by a car. She can now call the Soi Dog shelter home, but is looking for sponsors to help keep her safe and loved.

Please help dogs like Jamie today:

Despina also had nowhere to go when the people who had been caring for her abandoned her and her puppies.

People who lived in the area didn’t want them hanging around and this little family was in terrible danger before they were all brought to our shelter.

Despina is extremely scared of people and while volunteers continue to work with her, you can do something extra special. Will you please sponsor a dog in need today?

Despite being terrified, Despina is slowly learning she is safe at the Soi Dog shelter.

Dumped on the street with her newborn pups, Despina bears the scars of a traumatic past. Until she can learn to trust, she will not be able to go to a home of her own. Will you help with Despina's rehabilitation by sponsoring her?

Sadly, for some of the dogs like Dayaram, Jamie and Despina, it may take a little longer before they are ready to be adopted, if ever.

For some, this is due to long-term medical issues that require ongoing care or where the dog needs to find a very special home that can cope with his or her needs. For others, a horrific past that has resulted in them being terrified of people means they cannot be re-homed right now.

While our hope is always to find homes for rescued dogs, it is likely that some will spend the rest of their lives at the Soi Dog shelter. This is why sponsorships are so vital to these dogs.

If you are already sponsoring a dog I cannot thank you enough!

If you are not yet a member of the Sponsor Club, can I ask you to please take a few minutes to watch this video to see the important difference you can make?

Dogs like Dayaram, Jamie and Despina need animal lovers like you to provide them with the love and care they so desperately need and deserve.

We humbly thank you for your support.

Candace Cornock - President /Lead Regional Volunteer Representative for Canada

Soi Dog Canada

E-mail: Website: Facebook: YouTube:

Some people want it to happen, some wish it to happen, others MAKE it happen

“There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and misery.” - Charles Darwin

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