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Because we are intensely and selflessly passionate about animal rights, animal causes, and the pursuit of changing perceptions, laws, morals and attitudes towards the treatment, care and understanding of the animal kingdom. The FOUR animal PILLARS: Domestic, Farm, Wildlife and Marine/Sea.


Four Pillars Productions was created in the summer of 2016 to accomplish the aforementioned goals. Our strategy is to hold fundraising events to educate people on the urgency to affect change, modify policy, and bring as much attention as we can to Global Animal NFP’s. In everything we do, with every speaker and action-group we engage, we endeavor to communicate with absolute clarity and conviction the more essential actions needed to affect real change, real soon.

Join us.


It’s important for us to raise the public’s consciousness of the relationship that people have on a “global” scale with animals and that the animals under their care are treated humanely and responsibly.  We want to play a part in ending the suffering and cruelty.


"The greatest gift in life is giving. My heart is dedicated to those around me. And if I learned anything from my journey back into that dark night – it is to try to be the best human being I can possibly be. We should all breathe into those around us, because that’s all it takes to change things. One breath. And giving.

Marc Ching, Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

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